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DIY Candle Re-Fill Kit: A step by step guide

Hey y’all!

If you follow us on Instagram you might have noticed that we released a DIY candle refill kit last week. This is a great at-home, quarantine-friendly activity that requires you to have very little on hand, and what you do need I’m sure you have already. So today I’m going to give you a little step by step on how to refill your own containers with Untamed Supply candles at home!
What you need: a container to refill (glass or ceramic), a hot glue gun, and a microwave safe bowl. We suggest one with a handle! Scissors or a wick trimmer to trim your wick at the end.
     1. Make sure you have a cleaned out container and a hot glue gun. Our DIY kits come with 8 oz of wax (or more just ask!) but the jar we chose was 12oz, so we know it won’t be completely full!


    2. I peeled my label off before this step, jsyk. Now you’ll take the wick, put hot glue on the metal base, and then stick it down into the bottom of your jar. You’ll want this to be as centered as possible!


*pro tip! If you have a straw, you can stick the wick into the middle and use it as a holder/guider. I had to use one because my jar was too deep, but this would also be a great help if you’re doing this with littles!*
    3. Now comes the wax! Put all 4 of your wax melts (for 8oz containers +!) into a microwave safe bowl and heat on normal power for 2 min! If it has chunks in it after the 2 minutes, stir it and then keep heating at 10 second intervals until completely melted. 2 minutes was perfect for us.


      4. Be very careful it’ll be HOT. Take your wax out of the microwave and let it sit for a minute. After you feel like you can handle the bowl, pour it into your wicked container.


     5. Now you’ll take your clothespin and clamp it onto your wick, making sure the wick is as taut and centered as possible!


    6. And now we wait. As for your bowl, if it has extra wax in it you can wipe it out or wait for it to cool and scrape it out into the trash. Our wax is biodegradable!


   7. It’s done!!! Let your candle sit at least 6 hours (but we suggest 24) before burning. Even though we didn’t fill this container completely we will still get about 45 hours of burn time out of this candle! 


   8. Trim your with with scissors to about 1/4” above the wax line. This doesn’t have to be precise. TADA! This is our candle, it's not completely full, like we said, but it'll still burn for 45 hours. Plus it's kinda cute in its salsa jar :) 

Some Notes-
  • we suggest using a glass bowl with a handle, like a Pyrex measuring container or similar, to melt your wax in! We spilled a little when we used a bowl with no handle =(


  • When you’re choosing a container to refill, please only use ceramic and glass. No plastic! You’ll want something with a wider mouth like- salsa jars, oui yogurt jars, or an old candle jar- a lot of them come in 8oz sizes standard!


  • If you want a completely full container but don’t know how much wax your container would hold, use a measuring cup to fill your container with water and count how many cups fill it. 1 cup= 8oz which is our standard size


  • When you get your candle finished and dried it might have a few bubbles and blemishes in the top. That’s just the air escaping, you did nothing wrong and it won’t affect the burning!


  • Some wide mouth jars need a different wick size or multiple wicks to burn properly. If you are unsure about what your container would need, feel free to message us on our socials or send us and email at untamedsupply@gmail.com and we can accommodate ya!

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