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Mountain for the Indoors

Y'all. I love Mountain the candle. It's cool and calming; think cloudy-misty-mountain-view-in-the-distance vibes. So when I created the playlist, that was what I had in mind, coupled with "what would I listen to when hiking?"

You'll see what I mean.

Get the cedar leaf & lavender goodness that is the candle here: Mountain 

& the playlist, of course: Mountain

Okay, now you've got your candle burning and your playlist going, right? Cool. Now we are going to make a hiking friendly (and afternoon snack friendly) Trail Mix Bites. I got the recipe from here and made some adjustments based on what I had at home and I am a BIG fan. Promise you will be too if you like peanut butter;) 


I took out the raisins and m&ms and added chia seeds, gluten free pretzels, and coconut because it's what I had. Highly recommend, especially the pretzels.

While those are in the refrigerator, check out Missouri state parks here and see what's close by because we could all use a little nature walk, and while there aren't many mountains around here, there are a heck of a lot of cool spots.


If you need an at-home activity, Untamed has free downloadable outdoors-themed coloring pages here that you can color while you enjoy a lovely snack.

Enjoy your quiet afternoon at home! (lol I have no idea what your life looks like just hoping thats your reality).

Cya tomorrow for some Desert fun. Sans sand. Cacti invited of course. 

- Emily

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