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Quarantine-Friendly Scent Pairings to Make your House Smell Amazing

Being stuck inside tends to ... yanno... stink up a place, especially if you are sharing your space with animals/kids/significant others/friends/family. If you're like us, that means more than one candle burning pretty much constantly. Also if you're like us, you've had the misfortune of burning candles that don't mix well together and ended up with a headache or an over-extended nose. To help you endure your time indoors, we have come up with a scent-pairing menu! 

These are all tried and tested and really really good, of course we suggest using Untamed Supply candles, but if you happen to have some from another company with similar scent profiles if should work just as well! Some stand-outs/our faves:

EJ, Untamed Supply Founder & resident Candle Wizard - Arid + Natural (Whiskey Smoke + Mother Earth)

"It's just good. It's really warm, cozy, calming and has notes of smoke that remind me of being outside and having bonfires with friends."

Emily, not either of those just a girl who helps with social media but still burns a lot of candles - Calming and Bright (Ocean + Northern Lights Incense). 

"This is a great combo to burn if you've maybe got a weird smelling old apartment. The incense is a sweet-charcoal-y blend that warms up the space and gets rid of bad odor, and Ocean is sweet and inviting and lovely."

Surprisingly good? Bright + Energizing (Elevate + Dolce Pomelo) - the pomelo mixed with mint is like a nice clean mojito *ahhhh* 

Want to try this but are overwhelmed? Playful + Sweet (Oakmoss & Amber + Yakima Valley) , Spicy + Inviting (Sweet Pipe Tobacco + Redwood + Cinder) , Crisp + Refreshing (Elevate + Mountain) , and Campfire (Whiskey Smoke + Cinder) are pretty much fool-proof. 


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