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2020, The National Glass Shortage, and Other Pandemic-related Happenings

Welp, 2020 has struck again. 

This time, in the form of a national glass shortage. This means we will not be able to make any more of our 8oz candles in glass containers for the rest of the year at least. But, just as before, we have adjusted! We are now offering our 8 oz. candles in metal TINS, and they look pretty snazzy if we say so ourselves. These burn the same amount of time as our original jars, just with less of the glass ambiance you may be accustomed too. Benefits we have noticed: they don't break while shipping and are shorter, so we can use less packing materials when mailing them to ya!


We wanted to let you know because this means when you order a jar candle on the website, you will more than likely receive an 8oz tin now. 

Just add this to your long list of things 2020 has err.. tweaked. We hope we can resume using glass jars in early 2021, but we actually really like these tins, so I guess we will just wait and see. Thank you for sticking with us throughout this pandemic in all the ways. You've been with us through our hand sanitizer making phase (it's still available and it still smells great btw), through our 500 mile delivery Saturdays, cheering us on when we decided to open a store-front, and now this. It's been a small lifetime, and we are so lucky to have you to support us through it all. 

Thanks for the support and love,

Ej and the Untamed Crew 

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