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It is our love for the outdoors, our desire for adventure, and our need to connect with Mother Nature that lead to the creation of Untamed Supply’s newest candle line, the Explorer’s Edition. These four crisp and bright scent profiles will invigorate your senses, spark nostalgia and invite a stillness into your surroundings. The Explorer’s Edition from Untamed Supply offers a handcrafted scent associated with each element; Ocean, Desert, Mountain, and Forest. Each unique blend captures the true essence of each element, turning your home into the outdoor landscape you love most, naturally. 

Get to know each scent and element below. Shop today to receive the pre-order discount of $110 for the entire Explorer's Edition with free shipping! 


How something so complex can be so simple and beautiful is beyond us, but that’s exactly what the rich and masculine scent of Ocean provides. There is more than what is on the surface when it comes to the deep, rich complexities of this scent. Once you light this candle, you will begin to picture deep blue waves crashing against the sharp rocks that line the northern pacific coast as the sun sets slowly into the water on the horizon, warmly contrasting the ocean’s waves. 

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Warm richness of a dusty desert evening. The desert comes alive at night and you will, too, when you experience all that this scent has to offer. In the dark hours of the night, as the stars gather in the sky and the wildlife begins to roam about the landscape, a stillness falls over you as you experience the depth and expansiveness surrounding you. Desert from the Explorer’s Edition will have you reminiscing on that time you visited Moab with your family, or that camping trip you took with your friends to Joshua Tree. Whatever your memories of the desert may be, you will be filled with nostalgia of warm, desert nights and cacti in bloom as the scent fills your space. 

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Nothing compares to the fresh, crisp air that fills your lungs with new life atop a recently summited mountain. It’s hard not to feel small when standing at the summit, looking out upon the world the stretches before you. There’s a sense of understanding and a way of seeing things from a new perspective when time is spent in the mountains. The cool, crisp air that accompanies the landscape invites a sense of adventure and that is what you will be craving with this scent from the Explorer’s Edition. 

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This scent will remind you of late night porch sitting spent listening to the symphony of the wind blowing through the lush, green trees, watching fireflies dance in the summer night sky. Forest will take you back to the summer you spent staying out too late, soaking up every little bit of daylight. When you light this candle, you will hear cicadas begin to sing as the clean, warm air blows through your windows, signaling a summer storm just beyond the horizon.

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