It is our love for the outdoors, our desire for adventure, and our need to connect with Mother Nature that lead to the creation of Untamed Supply’s newest candle line, the Explorer’s Edition. These four crisp and bright scent profiles will invigorate your senses, spark nostalgia and invite a stillness into your surroundings. The Explorer’s Edition from Untamed Supply offers a handcrafted scent associated with each element; Ocean, Desert, Mountain, and Forest. Each unique blend captures the true essence of the elements, turning your home into the outdoor landscape you love most, naturally. 

Explorer’s Edition encapsulates the stillness of your favorite desert getaway. You know, the one you dream about while sitting at your desk at work? Maybe you retell the same story at every family gathering because your camping trip was just that good, you wish you could relive it over and over again. With Explorer’s Edition from Untamed Supply, you can turn your surroundings into your favorite outdoor landscape with the simple act of lighting a candle.

Are you an explorer? A gatherer? A collector of memories, souvenirs, and experiences? Do you ever wish you could evoke a sense of nostalgia, and immediately take you back to a specific place in time? With each element represented by its own unique scent throw, and packaged in an all new, larger jar, topped with an imprinted cork, the Explorer’s Edition is sure to be your new favorite. 

Stay tuned for more info on each of the scents included with the Explorer’s Edition, along with the release date! 

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