Incense: Uses and History

Incense is made up of aromatic plant materials, which are combined with essential oils, then shaped and molded into sticks, typically made from word or charcoal. Wood and charcoal are most commonly used in incense due to the fact that they burn evenly and do not impact the aromatics of the incense, allowing you to fully enjoy the scent of your chosen fragrance. 

The two types of incense are combustible and non-combustible. Combustible incense are lit with a flame, then fanned out, leaving the ember to smolder and burn the incense, while emitting a slight smoke and fragrance to the surrounding area. Non-combustible incense require a constant heat source in order for it to stay lit. 

Incense usage dates back to ancient Egypt. Nations such as China, Japan and India are also well known for their historic incense usage in both religious and everyday practices. India is the largest manufacturer of incense in today’s market. 

Incense can be utilized in a multitude of ways, such as aiding in relaxation or even used as an aphrodisiac! It is believed, however, that the initial use of incense came from the need to eliminate unwanted order from shared spaces to clean the air in the surrounding atmosphere. This practice has been and is still in use in Catholic traditions by burning frankincense and myrrh. In China, incense was also utilized as a clock in the sense that the incense were created to burn for the same length of time, which allowed for incense to be used as a tool to keep track of how much time had passed. 

Along with the smoke that is emitted from the burning of incense, some scents, such as lemongrass and citronella, are known to be natural bug repellers. Incense have been known to have been used by Buddhist practitioners to ward off pests during their meditations. 

At Untamed Supply, we like to keep things simple, clean, and non-toxic by using charcoal sticks and fine fragrance oils for our incense. We do not use additives such as paraben, or phthalate. We dip each incense stick by hand, before they are bagged, boxed, and shipped to you. The construction of the incense boxes were carefully constructed by sourcing the paper from a family-owned, hydro-electric paper mill and letter pressed in our home base of Kansas City. 

When you purchase incense from Untamed Supply, you will receive 15 charcoal incense sticks that measure 10 in. and burn for approximately one hour. Depending on the size of the room, the incense scent will linger for anywhere from two to four hours following. 

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