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It's Ya Birthday

It's Ya Birthday

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The It's Ya Birthday candle is filled with our Moab scent, which is by far our most popular with notes of:

Top Notes: cactus blossom, green 

Middle Notes: coconut

Base Notes: passionfruit

The label says: it's ya birthday smells like: getting old, coconut, cactus blossom, and celebrating Y-O-U!

The Occasion line was created with the intent to be shared and to celebrate life's victories. The fun part about these candles is that they continue to celebrate you even after the initial excitement wears off because they burn for 60-75 hours! 

We poured this line with scents you already know and love (and are most gifted). These vessels are also easy to re-use or refill and are designed with the intent to be aesthetically pleasing in most environments.

So whether it's a promotion, a new house, a new baby, an engagement, birthday, etc. the occasion line is here to make celebrating easy and fun as heck.