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Nothing compares to the fresh, crisp air that fills your lungs with new life atop a mountain. It’s hard not to feel small when standing at the summit, looking out upon the world as it stretches before you. There’s a sense of understanding and new perspective that is created when time is spent in the mountains. The cool, crisp air that accompanies the landscape invites a sense of adventure and that is what you will be craving with this scent from the Explorer’s Edition. 


Top Note: Bergamot, Blue Sage

Middle Note: Leather

Base Note: Woods

What sets our candles apart? 

We like to keep things simple, clean, and non-toxic by using 100% domestically grown soy wax, fine fragrance oils, cotton-core wicks, no additives or dyes. By hand we wick, pour, and label each candle to ensure unparalleled quality. 

The Explorer's Edition has been created with Eco-Friendly packaging the glass is 50% recycled glass, wood front label, cork lid and everything printed and engraved by small U.S. business's. 

  Candle burns clean for 65-70 hours

 For best results and achieving the optimal burn time. We recommend burning the candle for at least 2 hours or until the candle melts to the edge of the glass.