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Refill Kit

Refill Kit

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Because we are unable to have candle refill events in person we thought we'd make a way for you to do them at home and continue to create as little waste as possible at an affordable price.

This kit comes with one wick, 4(2oz)  scented wax bricks, and a clothes pin(wick centering tool). You will need a hot glue gun and microwave safe bowl which are not included in the kit. 

1. Using a hot glue gun place the provided wick(s) in the bottom of your container.
2. Removed desired amount of wax bricks (each brick is approx. 2oz) and place into a microwave safe container.
3. Microwave in 2 min. intervalls stirring in-between until wax is clear.
4. Pour wax into desired container.
5. Using the clothes pin center the wick
6. Let cool for several hours. Until the top is white and the container is no longer warm to the touch.
7. Light, burn, enjoy & relax