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Whiskey Smoke

Whiskey Smoke

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The Smokey Mountains were dotted with moonshine stills during the prohibition era. The lingering aroma of charred wood layered over aged oak barrelled whiskey beckons to be slowly savored next to a crackling campfire.

Top Note: Whiskey, Saffron

Middle Note: Woods, Amber

Base Note: Sandalwood, Patchouli

What sets our product apart? 

We like to keep things simple, clean, and non-toxic by using charcoal sticks, and fine fragrance oils, no additives such as dipropylene glycol (DPG), parabean, or phthalate. By hand we dip, bag, box and hand stamp each box.

The construction of the boxes were carefully constructed by sourcing the paper from a family-owned hydro-electric paper mill and letter pressed in KC. 

Each package includes 15 charcoal incense sticks

  Sticks are 10in 

  Burns approx. 1hr

 Depending on room size scent will linger 2-4 hours