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A Quarantiner's Guide to Our Most Calming Candles & Incense


Times. Are. Weird.

We aren't healthcare professionals, so we can't and shouldn't offer you any medical advice. We aren't a toilet paper manufacturer but we would give you an abundance of rolls if we could (check out Reel though). We most certainly are not a grocery store, but wouldn't that be great?! 

What we CAN offer you is candles and incense, which, if you're stuck inside with multiple humans/pets might border on an essential product. Just kidding... sorta. We have compiled a short list of  7 of our most calming candle and incense scents, including some surprising ones, specifically curated for your time indoors. 

First up for candles: Mountain

Mountain is part of our new line- the Explorer's Edition, and has quickly become one of our most popular scents. Mountain is like a breath of mountain air- if that air had some lavender mixed in. Its top note is cedar, its middle note is lavender, and its base note is clean woods. If you like woodsy smells + lavender, you will find this heavenly. If you're not sure if you like woodsy smells but you know you like lavender, you will very likely find this heavenly. 

Price: $32 Burn time: 65-70 hours

Next: Elevate

If there was a scent created specifically to help your space feel more relaxing, this would be it. Elevate is perfect for everything from a bubble bath companion to making your home smell like a spa. During this quarantine Elevate has become one of our biggest sellers, and with good reason: its top note is lemon, its middle note is eucalyptus, spearmint, AND lavendar, and its base note is sage. CEO of relaxing smells? You be the judge. 

Price: $12-20 Burn time: Tin 20 hours, Jar 40+ hours. 

An under-rated scent: Glacier

Ok, maybe it's not that under-rated, but since I began working for Untamed Supply my personal goal has been to make Glacier everyones favorite. Have I succeeded? No, because everyone has a different scent preference, but alas, perhaps this write-up will make you see [read:smell] what I do in this scent. For proof of both my love and its calming powers- I am currently burning Glacier while writing this and I feel ~very~ calm. Anyway, it is a lovely blend of- top note: lemongrass, green tea, middle note: ginger, saffron, and base note: sea salt.

It's like getting a facial steam from a warm honey- sweetened mug of green tea, but like, in your entire room. Ok, done hyping it now *bows*

Price: $12-$20 Burn time: Tin 20 hours, Jar 40+ hours 

A little surprise: Sweet Pipe Tobacco

Had to include something for the members of the #cinderfanclub. This is probably the closest thing to Cinder you can get year-round! It's not comprised of anything traditionally calming, but if you're someone who finds that rich, spicy, scents make your space feel home-y (I'm talking a glowy Christmas candle kind of vibe) this one will warm up your whole space and QUICK. The top note is: ambrosia and cherry, the middle note is tobacco, and the base not is anise and tonka. Perfect for snuggling up with a nice movie and a spring-time hot chocolate. 

Price: $12-$20 Burn time: Tin 20 hours, Jar 40+ hours 

A classic comfort: Soft Flannel

Rounding out our calming candle list is another scent whose wholeeeee thing is to bring relaxation to you. The top note is lavender, the middle note is peppermint, and the base note is spearmint. Might we suggest burning this in conjunction with some deep breathing exercises and a warm mug of tea? Or while the kiddos do homework?

Price: $12-$20 Burn time: Tin 20 hours, Jar 40+ hours

Aside from our candles, we also carry incense, which by design is relaxing. If you have not burned incense in your space before, this may be the best time to try it!  Both the scent + the mesmerizing smoke ribbons will have you entranced- take it from a newbie. Two of our scents are especially calming:


This scent is sweet and smooth and ok ... hear me out...  if someone *uses* the bathroom it does a superb job at masking the smell. Its top note is musk, amber, and vanilla; its middle note is orange flower, geranium, and spices, and it has a base note of patchouli and wood. 

Boxes of 15 sticks: $12 Scent will linger 2-4 hours depending on room size. 

Northern Lights:

This scent + an open window = bliss. It is warm and bright and if you're new to incense this is definitely the perfect way to acclimate yourself! It combines frankincense, myrrh, and amber for a cozy blend. 

Boxes of 15 sticks: $12 Scent will linger 2-4 hours depending on room size. 


We only use the most eco-friendly products and processes in our candles and incense, so you can feel even better about bringing our products into your home!

Deep breaths, virtual hugs, we will get through this together. 

Much love, 

Emily from Untamed 

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