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Spring Scents to Make You Feel like it's Actually Spring-Time

Spring Scents to Make You Feel like it's Actually Spring-Time

Growing up, my parents always seemed to get the spring clean itch right around mid-March. My spring-early fall Saturdays would start with my dad blasting Van Halen on Surround Sound while he mopped the kitchen floor, and I regularly took all afternoon to clean my room, distracted by books and napping in sun-soaked beams on my carpet. After these days of cleaning, I would often come downstairs to my family in the backyard, the door wide open, and a lemon-scented candle burning in the kitchen.

A Quarantiner's Guide to Our Most Calming Candles & Incense


Times. Are. Weird.

We aren't healthcare professionals, so we can't and shouldn't offer you any medical advice. We aren't a toilet paper manufacturer but we would give you an abundance of rolls if we could (check out Reel though). We most certainly are not a grocery store, but wouldn't that be great?! 

What we CAN offer you is candles and incense, which, if you're stuck inside with multiple humans/pets might border on an essential product. Just kidding... sorta. We have compiled a short list of  7 of our most...