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Spring Scents to Make You Feel like it's Actually Spring-Time

Growing up, my parents always seemed to get the spring clean itch right around mid-March. My spring-early fall Saturdays would start with my dad blasting Van Halen on Surround Sound while he mopped the kitchen floor, and I regularly took all afternoon to clean my room, distracted by books and napping in sun-soaked beams on my carpet. After these days of cleaning, I would often come downstairs to my family in the backyard, the door wide open, and a lemon-scented candle burning in the kitchen. To me, this was the official start of spring: clean, sunny, and fresh-air laden. This spring, of course has sprung differently for everyone, but it's made me ever-so-grateful for one thing: candles. (Ok and general cleaning supplies but thats a different and less fun blog).

Personally, I am not a fall candle gal. I can appreciate pumpkin scents but am never wholeheartedly excited to burn them. Winter candles? Cool, if they smell like real pine trees and bonfires. Summer? Also fine. But spring... spring is different. With the ushering of green new leaves and more sunshine comes clean, sweet, fresh scents, which of course make any level of clean house feel a bit more inviting.

A lot of our springy-scents overlap with my last blog about calming scents, so I didn't include a full write-up of them, but they are listed at the bottom including where I think they go best in a house! Also all of these are available year-round through Untamed, but they just hit different in the spring. Trust me. 

1. Moab

To know Moab, is to love Moab. This sweet candle manages to blanket your space with scent while not being perfume-y or overwhelming. It will cover everything, so probably best for a family-room situation or if you have an open common area. Moab is Cactus-flower scented, which translates to a warm feminine scent filled with sweet mango and mild citrus notes. It is continuously one of the top sellers but especially during spring and summer! 

2. Oakmoss & Amber

O&A is basically Moab's masculine counter-part. Not scent-wise but popularity and sweetness-wise. If you're looking for something on the more masculine side of sweet scents (who knew that existed?) this is for you. It's a lovely combination of Oakmoss, grapefruit, blond woods, musk, and tonka. Perfect for the coveted kitchen-counter spot or really anywhere. It's the first one I suggest to people who haven't smelled Untamed's candles before, if that says anything.

3. Yakima Valley


All my fruit-scent lovers rejoice! Yakima is a spring scent through and through. It's also a little, dare-I-say boujee? I mean its pear, fig, and woods so it does feel a bit luxurious. You'll love this if you love sweet, feminine, fruity smells. I would burn this candle in the living room- it's sweet and strong! 

4. Ocean

One of our newest, and again sweetly masculine scents, will become one of your spring and summer faves I can almost promise. Ocean blends citrus, sea salt, plum, amber, and musk for a warm and inviting scent that tows the line between refreshing and comforting. It's just good. Burn multiple in every room of your house until all of your stuff smells like it. You won't regret it. 

5. Dolce Pomelo

*This one is not currently on the website, but will be soon, and for half off!*. Ok yeah, this is the classic kitchen candle. Sweet grapefruit + bergamot combine for a citrusy, sweet (did we say sweet enough?), all around clean scent. 

6. Lastly! Mother Earth

If you like to start your spring feeling grounded, this is for you. Mother Earth comes in both a candle and incense: the candle allows for the scent to be a little more ~creamy~ while the incense doubles down on the earthiness of this scent! Mother Earth is patchouli, sandalwood, and peppercorn- slightly spicy + a little sweet dirt. *deep breaths* I desperately wish I had a screened-in porch to burn Mother Earth in while I sit in a vintage chaise with some iced tea but my bedside table is also nice. 


Of course, all these lovely scents are very springy as well, I just didn't want to bore you writing about them again find the original blog about them here: Mountain- perfect for any room, Elevate- bathrooms. seriously. I dunno why but it works so well there. Probably the Eucalyptus. Glacier, my favorite, sweet and ready for springtime and the kitchen. Northern Lights Incense, also sweet and inviting no matter where you burn it.

My ultimate spring candle house layout? Glad you asked. Glacier in the kitchen, Northern Lights in the bathroom, Oakmoss and Amber in the family room, and Ocean in my bedroom. 

Now *cracks neck and fingers* whose ready for some quarantine-elevated spring cleaning?! 

Not me, but I'll raise a candle to those of you who are. 

Sending love, 

Emily from Untamed 

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