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Desert for the Indoors

The final playlist! 

I saved the best for last, this is by far my favorite playlist and favorite activity (biased, but still!). Also, desert is by far the most unique of the 4 Explorer's Edition candles. If you haven't tried it yet, and like warm rich scents studded with amber and vetiver, you'll love it. A lot. 

Here is the link to the candle: Desert

And here is the link to the playlist: Desert

Ok now that you've got your candle & your music, I'm going to send you on a mission outdoors. We are making our own ink today! 

The goal is to find something natural, I used pre-used coffee grounds, tea I knew I wouldn't drink, and some beautiful blue hibiscus buds that had fallen off my neighbors bush. 


The trick for this is to get more than you think you need of whatever you're using. I used this recipe here and most of it is probably stuff you have at home (water, vinegar, salt, jars) BUT you also need Gum Arabic and cloves of which I had neither. The Gum Arabic is around $15 at your local craft store, in the watercolor/ink section, but is necessary and worth it. Seriously, this process is so cool! 

Some other things you'll need for today:

- Paper with high lb, preferably water color paper

- paint brushes

- a thin black marker to add details, optional

It takes about an hour to create the ink, and then let it cool to be able to use it, so keep in mind it's a bit of a long process.


After my ink was done I painted a cute little desert scene with it because, duh, we are pretending we are in the desert today. It took a while to dry and afterwards I went back in with a thin black pen and added desert-y details. The colors were light but it was so cool to see how they dried! My hibiscus ink started a bright purple, went on blue, and dried green. 


Please try this and let us know how it goes for you! It was so much fun I can't wait to do it again with some different plants!

Happy foraging, happy desert-day, 


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