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Forest for the Indoors

Lately, I've found myself day-dreaming about what I would be doing *RIGHT NOW* if it wasn't for Corona. Trip to the mountains? Maybe. Ocean? Perhapppsss. 

Yanno, because it's Corona's fault I can't travel and not finances. I digress. 

Throughout this time inside I've been looking for ways to make my future time inside more enjoyable, and thus, this idea was born. After planning and curating and asking people "so what song comes to mind when you think of the Forest?" I did it: a curated playlist that corresponds with each scent in the Explorer's Edition collection. 

These playlists, which you can find on Spotify by searching Untamed Supply, will be released daily for the rest of the week, along with corresponding date/activity ideas that can be enjoyed with your significant other, best friend, or altered for little ones. Keep an eye out for Ocean, Mountain, and Desert, but today: it's Forest's time to shine! 

Playlist: Forest

Candle: Forest

For forest, I wanted to play up the idea of camping so of COURSE I made a blanket fort, complete with string lights.

Then, I used Nora Cooks recipe to make s'mores bars (vegan, but you can make them not vegan). They are REALLY good, you probably have most of the ingredients on hand, and they are incredibly easy to make. My only suggestion is to use dark chocolate because they are sweet.

Of course a blanket fort and s'mores are best when you share them with others, so my suggestion is to bring in your kiddos/significant other/bff and do the NYT's 36 Questions that Lead to Love. Obviously, it skews romantic but some are totally kid friendly, and it's my favorite way to re-group with a romantic partner or get to know your bff better. Really, we should all be doing these, and it's a great way to simulate the sweet bonds that are formed around a campfire. You can find the questions here ---->


Bonus points if you have an actual fireplace *wink*

It is quite lovely to be in a blanket fort, eating something sweet, with a nice candle burning and good music playing... why the heck did we ever stop making blanket forts?!

Cya tomorrow for more indoor fun, 


ps- maybe don't burn the candle INSIDE the fort


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